Let me introduce myself, will you?

“When you stay in the same place for a long time, you tend to become blind because you can’t see anything. I do travel  so as not to become blind!”

Josef Koudelka

Teheran, Iran

Cristina Cori is the name I answer to (but for my friends I’m just “Spina”). My passion for books and reports have contributed to make me opt for a freelance career in the fascinating and capturing fields of journalism and photography. Notwithstanding the fact I was born in Rome, it didn’t take me long to get a passport and start giving a response to the many impulses coming from distant places.

Being a restless, dynamic and curious person, I have always let myself be tempted by a peculiar attraction-addiction to tea and to anything that has to do with the eastern world and its unexplainable magic.

I attended “La Sapienza University” in Rome and graduated in Oriental Studies (languages and cultures). I have experienced different and enriching tasks and commitments, working and collaborating in various areas without finding what I’m looking for.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I thus made up my mind and started touring the world responding to my quest for happiness. I tend to prefer back-streets rather than insignificant “high streets” when it comes to deal with selecting my own path.

It is indeed thanks to an astonishing, positive and spontaneous series of impulses I feel I have to give an answer to, even if, at times, I do understand the reality and the many actual dangers I have to face. If finding out a lot more about the world and the many events that animate it means to go and live some delicate situations, I accept the challenge. I feel I am just a person, a woman who uses her senses wisely.

Now I travel and write. It is the greatest thing that could happen to me!

Dublin, Ireland


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